Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Zephyr squash and onions

The babies have grown up; the scallions are officially onions now. :<) It is just wonderful going out each day and picking every other one for supper. This way the remaining onions will grow and grow until harvest time. And today is the first day for the Zephyr squash which I love so much. I think the color is just fantastic.

Tonight's supper will be these vegetables sautéed in olive oil and served over this pasta - not local, but definitely my favorite.


  1. Beautiful new masthead photo, Nan! Love that brilliant orange day lily!! (I left you a return comment on my blog. Thanks for yours!) I meant to tell you that I have the same wrought iron/green enamel painted lawn chairs that you have. Isn't that too funny?

  2. That all looks gorgeous! I love that we love the same pasta. I assume you start that squash from seed?

    I enjoyed the photos of your barn! What do you do with the fleece?

  3. Thanks, Nan! It is just the best color.

    Tara, I know (can you hear Monica's voice on Friends?!!) And yes, that is "our" zephyr and the green zucchini, too. We give the fleece to a woman who makes things with it. Here's a link to an earlier post:


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