Monday, July 21, 2008

Sunday Stroll/ Monday, July 21

Mostly daylilies this week! As the orange ones begin to go by, the other colors are opening.

You may visit the other gardeners who took a stroll yesterday. I'm thrilled that more and more are joining along with Aisling each week. It's such a great idea.

The first lavatera flower

Bright Lights cosmos

I wish you could smell these sweet peas. We grow them along the pea fence in the vegetable garden.

The mid-July vegetable garden


  1. Nan, You have a nice variety of daylilies. I love the photo of the reddish one with a little moth on it. So cute!

    Your sweet peas look delicately beautiful and your garden bountiful. Glad you strolled. Who cares whether you stroll on Sunday or Monday, as long as you stroll. I actually do so almost every day, but make a point to take the camera along for Sundays. :)

  2. Your garden is just gorgeous Nan. I hope you had fun with the family.

  3. Your flowers are gorgeous, your garden puts our paltry pots of basil to shame, but I am most jealous of the upside down umbrella of a clothes drying rack in the background. I was just saying the other day when the swimsuits did not dry but got grotty hanging over the shower that I want one of those in a big way!

  4. Thank you, Aisling. I love that one, too.
    Lisa, thank you. I do love those daylilies.
    Susan, honestly, I hardly do anything. If you buy a daylily plant or transplant one from someone else, you are off and running toward a beautiful garden. They are carefree, bug-free, and give the most gorgeous colors ever. And I don't have any basil. :<) I can't seem to grow it in pots at all. I love that clothesline. We tried several others over the years, and this has worked the best for me.

  5. I guess I'm going to have to stop scrolling and comment. Your flowers are so lovely and your photos are excellent. Love the vegetable garden, too!


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