Sunday, July 13, 2008

Sunday Stroll/July 13

This week's Sunday Stroll is going to look a little different. Almost all the photos I take are close-ups. But what I see is, as Mr. Wordsworth said, "a host" of mallow or daylilies or brown-eyed Susans or Rosa rugosas. The pictures never, ever capture the beauty I see, and they tend to make those beautiful flowers into a blur, but still, I want to post them just to give you an idea of the great masses of color.

Just outside the kitchen door, mallow and daylilies

You can see how windy it is today

Daylilies along the fence are just opening

Patio and terrace flowers

Daylilies under the kitchen window

Queen of the Prairie

Daylilies in the rocky pasture

A host of corn :<)

Cow vetch

Vegetable garden

Milkweed, globe thistle, rosa rugosa

Rosa rugosas at the back of the house

Rosa rugosas along the driveway

Wildflowers by the pasture fence

I'll leave you with one closeup :<)

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  1. Nan, The wide-shots are very pretty - just in a different way than the close-ups. My favorite is the one with the laundry dancing in the wind. We are having the same sort of wind today.

    Your farm is looking lush and colorful right now! :)

  2. You have such a nice variety, and such large groupings of things. I also enjoy seeing your woods, which have different trees than we do here-birches, for instance. It's fun to get on blogs and see the country without having to travel.

  3. Nan, it is windy here in SW IN too. Your wide shots are full of color. I love seeing your groupings dancing in the wind. Your veggie garden looks so lush.

  4. I love your Sunday Strolls. You live in a little bit of paradise, you know?

  5. Oh, Nan, I wish I could walk there in the pastures...

    Mallow is the plant used for making marshmallows originally. Thanks for showing it to me as I'd never known that was what I was looking at. Being the botonist that I am.

  6. Nan, Les already said it, but I'll repeat it since it's what was going through my head looking at your live in a little piece of paradise!

  7. You have such a lovely home and property -- I love how each photo seems to have one point of interest besides the flowers: the clothesline, a fence, a large rock. Super composition!


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