Wednesday, July 16, 2008

July 16 at the Farmer's Market

The new Farmer's Market in my little town is open both Saturday morning, and Wednesday 3-7. I love the mid-week market. The potatoes are Alaska Peanuts which will be delightful for roasting. The chives were sold by a little boy, whose dad said that he was the herb person. So cute. First yellow beans, blueberries, and carrots of the season! A table full of some of my favorite foods.


  1. What a lucky thing to have the Wednesday market! I wish we had the same around here - I bet it'd be popular.

  2. HI Nan: We have a Saturday market, and I love to go as often as I can. We not only get to buy some wonderful fresh fruits and vegetables, but we get to meet friends and neighbours, and have a little chat as well.

  3. And mine, as well! Especially those potatoes...yum!

  4. How fun! We have a Friday morning market here.

    I put the first three carrots from my garden into a pasta salad a few days ago. They were small, slender carrots, but I had to thin the patch to let the others grow larger. And they were yummy!

  5. Lovely! How wonderful to have a mid-week market- which would suit me perfectly since I sometimes have to miss the weekend one.


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