Friday, February 11, 2022

Quote du jour - Chris Packham


Whilst we face our own troubling times, let wildlife be the solace, the hope, the inspiration for us all.

Chris Packham
Winterwatch 2022

These words mean so much to me because they are an expression of what I feel. The virus goes on, and I still don't go out much. My window is indeed my window to the world, and through it I see such wonders. Pictures are from the past few months.

The first partridge which has ever come into the yard, and she (Tom calls her "Miss Partridge") isn't a bit shy. I put this on instagram and called it, "all creatures great and small". 

This year the mother deeries and two babies who were around all summer came to their driveway dining table, along with 8 of their buddies.

The wild turkeys on their way to the stream for a drink of water before they fly up to their roosts for the night. 

They are also not shy. They come up on the terrace, and up the kitchen steps. 

Tractor Supply is happy to see Tom walk through the door.

Saturday, February 5, 2022

Today's song - "Giving You Away" / Lukas Nelson and Promise Of The Real

Music still gettin' me through the never-ending pandemic. This is a perfect father and daughter song at a wedding. Makes me cry.