Tuesday, December 29, 2015

2015 book facts

I haven't done a book facts posting since 2010. Because I wrote so few book reports this year, I decided I would compile some stats for the 2015 books.

I read 69 books.

39 mysteries
10 fiction
8 nonfiction
3 children's books
3 young adult fiction
2 young adult mysteries
1 middle grade fiction
1 graphic novel
1 graphic nonfiction
1 spy fiction

publication dates:

1920s - 2
1930s - 3
1940s - 6
1950s - 11
1960s - 5
1970s - 4
1980s - 5
1990s - 3
2000s - 30

3 library books (all kindle)
10 rereads

54 kindle
15 print

43 by men
26 by women

I don't usually read as many by men, but this year continued my love of Arthur Upfield's mysteries, and I've now read all of them except the one that wasn't on kindle. I love these books of Australia, even though they aren't one bit politically correct when it comes to the Aborigines. Since I haven't written about all of them, and if you are interested, you may have an introduction to the series here -which I see that I wrote a year ago today! Reading is such a personal thing, and you can never tell if someone else will be as thrilled by a book as you are. Tom read one, and felt very ho-hum about it, and wasn't inspired to read anymore. Whereas, I still think about them, and look forward to reading everything Arthur Upfield ever wrote. I own print versions of his short stories, and some books about his work.

I've posted a couple times about my 'new' study. It is now completely done - painting finished, everything arranged, and a new chair bought. I've wanted a glider rocker for many years, and we got one for ourselves for Christmas. As I've said, there are no electronics, not even a clock in this room. It is gated off from Raya and Lucy so the grandchildren can play without having the toys stolen by the dog! I walk through the gate and feel I'm almost in another world. This is my long-winded way of saying that I now have a perfect place to read my print books, and my reading aspiration this year is to read more of them during the days and evenings. I still use my kindle at night for ease of handling.

Sunday, December 27, 2015

Today's picture / Christmas day

I didn't dream of a green Christmas!

Monday, December 21, 2015

Today's Christmas cd/Tracey Thorn - Tinsel and Lights

I had been thinking of posting something for the solstice which happens tonight just before midnight my time. But instead I wanted to share this album I've been listening to. Tracey Thorn is probably best known for being half of Everything But the Girl. You can read more about her here. This Christmas offering from 2012 is sublime. Serious, thoughtful, unique. I love her voice. She does many original songs, as well as Joni Mitchell's River, and Ron Sexsmith's Maybe This Christmas which I featured two years ago, when my beloved Hazel Nina was 12 days old and weighing around two pounds.

Here is a video of the song Joy.

Sunday, December 13, 2015

Once and Again: Read a Second Book by that Awesome Author Challenge

My one reading goal in 2016 is to read more print books. The past couple years have been quite full (!) and much of my reading has been at night on the kindle. I'm hoping to spend more time in the study/library

with my beloved paper books.

In anticipation of this, I have joined a reading challenge from my blogging friend who lives on Prince Edward Island (one of my favorite places on the earth). It is called Once and Again: Read a Second Book by that Awesome Author Challenge, and you may read about it, and join if you wish, here.

The authors I plan to read:

Anita Desai: I read The Artist of Disappearance in 2012, and loved the writing. I plan to read Feasting, Fasting and/or Clear Light of Day.

Allegra Goodman: I have read Kaaterskill Falls many times, and Paradise Park once, and have meant to read more by this author. I want to read The Family Markowitz and/or The Cookbook Collector.

Julia Stuart: I read The Pigeon Pie Mystery in 2013, and enjoyed it. I am going to read The Matchmaker of PĂ©rigord.

Rosy Thornton: I read The Tapestry of Love in 2011, and have meant to read other books by her. I own More Than Love Letters, and Ninepins, which the author actually sent to me. I will read one or both of them for this challenge.

Edwin Teale Way: I read Springtime in Britain, and have wanted to begin his seasonal journeys across the United States so shall read his 1951 North with the Spring, during springtime, of course. 

Friday, December 11, 2015

Qdj - The Old Farmer's Almanac

If the past year has been a prosperous one, and you have a surplus of money or provision, cheer up your poor neighbors by helping them from your abundance. Happiness is never gathered faster than it is when trying to make others happy.
December 1890
The Old Farmer's Almanac