Thursday, November 30, 2023

Movies for the Holidays

 Usually in late November and in all of December, I watch our DVDs of Thanksgiving and Christmas movies. But this has been a different last few months, which I have yet to write about, and I've found myself watching new-to-me holiday movies on Netflix. And they have done me a world of good. So far, I have watched Holiday in the Wild, Christmas on Mistletoe Farm, and A Castle For Christmas. Each one could be described as "schmaltzy" but you know what - they have been just the ticket for me. Escape? Yes, definitely. Enjoyable? Absolutely. Predictable? Well, yes, but still. 
I loved all three of them, in different ways. And I highly recommend them.

PS I just remembered the one I love most of all. Dash and Lily. Absolutely delightful. Bookish, great sights of NYC, and two wonderful characters. The rest of the cast is special, too. Very well-written series.

Saturday, November 25, 2023

The Christmas tree

 Margaret, Matthew, and Hazel brought us our tree yesterday. They have done this for the past few years, and we are so grateful. They get it from a local Christmas tree farm.

Last evening I thought how lovely the tree is, unadorned and waiting for the lights and ornaments.