Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Today's picture/Week five CSA flowers - 2017

This week's vase is made in Italy, and a present from my friend, Judi.

A close-up

Little apples and basil! So, so beautiful.

Saturday, July 22, 2017

A long-winded attempt to catch up

I can't believe how long it has been since I've posted. I promise it is not because of re-joining Facebook! I am managing my time there very nicely, I think. And I've actually found it to be very helpful. The woman from whom we bought our sheep three years ago, wrote on my timeline and messaged me to offer two ewes who were done being mothers. They are nine years old, and are going to spend their retirement years at Windy Poplars Farm. Here they are in the back of Matt's truck.

They have settled in well, and I like having six sheep. They are more of a presence in the pasture.

Nebby, the donkey. In the back, close together, as always, the mother and daughter, Aberdeen and Angelina. On far right, Maybelline. In the foreground, L to R: Cappuccino (new), Maggie Mae, and Kiah (pronounced Kyah - also new).

Our Dominique chicks, born May 8, lived in a box in the cellar for a few weeks, and are now in the barn and moving around just like the big chickens.

Tom's parents made the big decision to move to a smaller place. They do not have to be in assisted living, but they wanted an easier life without having to shop or cook. They have a kitchen so still can make meals when they want, but both breakfast and supper are provided. It's a lovely place with a swimming pool which will be a big draw for the great-grandchildren. There is a library which I naturally love. It has chairs by a window and many shelves with all kinds of books. We've gone down a few times to help move smaller things, and to receive a few lovely rugs, Nina's framed needlepoint, some things for the kids, and this beautiful kitchen table.

It was Tom's grandmother's and we have loved it for decades. So happy to have it. Since the kids were little, we've had a round table which became oval with extra leaves. But I have always wanted a rectangular table. It feels like a real farmhouse table, and I love the little drawer. I put grandchildren treats in it. Incidentally, the white cupboard belonged to my aunt Mabel, and it was given to me when she died. It was in her kitchen and both Margaret and Michael remember she always had a can of Pringles in it. I love it so much. For fifteen years, it has had the 'distressed' look, aka, chipping paint. Tom recently painted it and we moved it into the kitchen. The books are my food related books, like Laurie Colwin's Home Cooking.

The final move-in was this week, and they are very happy. Here are some pictures from a few weeks ago. When we go down next, I'll take some more photos.

A lovely patio and garden

 Great kitchen

The living room looking out the sliding doors to the patio

It is a big change for them, but they are both such sports, always looking forward not back. They have a gift for enjoying life.

I've missed posting two weeks of my CSA flowers, so here you go:

Two weeks ago, I decided to use the little pail provided last year as my vase. And this week I used a pitcher that belonged to my aunt Gladys.

I've made a batch of pesto both weeks with basil that was in the bouquet! Just like last year.

After a rainy spring and early summer, we are finally having real summer weather. It has been perfect really - sunny, but not too hot. The gardens are going great guns, but there is still 'witchgrass' amongst the daylilies, and it has been hard keeping the weeds down in the garden as they all got such a hold during the wet weather.

Remember the rust on the hollyhock last summer? I actually decided to not plant any this year, but lo and behold, a plant came up, in the same place as last year!

The first flowers appeared this week.

There's something going on with the leaves again. Not sure if it is rust or insects, but the nearby Chelsea Prize English cucumbers seem to have it, too.


We'll see. The cuke in general looks okay, and I hope it stays that way.

The Clarimore Middle Eastern zucchini is doing great. I've made two meals with it already.

The really tall French Gold filet pole beans are just coming. If there is a big enough crop, I think I'll freeze some this year.

I've eaten 3 or 4 Sungold orange cherry tomatoes, but most of them are still green. There is nothing like eating a warm tomato right off the vine.

As usual, I have too many plants in too small an area, but I can't seem to help myself. In the spring, the two we started under lights were so small, and I decided to buy two more plants from a local farm. Of course, ours have pretty much caught up with the ones I bought.

And now to my favorite gardening subject - the daylilies. The stars of Windy Poplars Farm which make July and August as pretty as could be around here.

I'm sure your eyes have glazed over by now, and you're wondering, when will this end? Well, now!

Thursday, July 6, 2017

Today's picture/Week two CSA flowers - 2017

This week I put the beautiful flowers in an eggplant vase Margaret gave me years ago. I love the colors.

Closeup of flowers

And a little apple this week