Friday, July 11, 2008

Writers on the radio

I have a couple bookish links to share from National Public Radio. One was a program on this morning with the writer, Robert Parker. He took a ride around Boston with a reporter and talked about 'his' city. You may read it or listen here. The other one was a little while ago, after I posted my Eudora Welty book report. Margaret very kindly sent me the link to the show, and I've meant to tell her I had just listened to it before reading her comment! You may go here, and scroll down a bit. Both programs were wonderful.


  1. Oh, I'm glad to know you heard it! I never assume other people are the same sort of NPR addict I've become. And the Parker piece this morning was terrifically entertaining!

  2. I'm not so addicted, but Tom tends to have it on in the truck, and calls me if there is a book or music show. I'm not a news person at all, but I do love books. :<) Do you read Robert Parker? If you clicked his name you will have read that I am rather new to him. I read a few out of order, and then went out and bought the first ones.


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