Sunday, July 6, 2008

Sunday Stroll/July 6

I took my Sunday Stroll today in the early afternoon, after a wonderful morning with old friends at the Farmer's Market. As I walked around, I thought about how I'm not the kind of gardener who goes out daily and weeds, deadheads, etc. Most of my flowers are like wildflowers in a meadow; they pretty much take care of themselves. They have a wildness about them, in that they grow and grow, sometimes too close together, but in a way that pleases me immensely. I love seeing mallow appear all over the place. Some I keep, some I weed out. I love all my orange daylilies which grow in profusion everywhere I look this time of year. I really should divide my Siberian iris but honestly, I think they look gorgeous all clumped together in several different areas of the yard. If there is a bare space, something pops up to fill it. An area that used to be more formal has turned into an iris, lupine, and milkweed garden. And I planted only the iris. I love that. The field out beside the barn is abundant with raspberry bushes, and the budding Queen of the Prairie which I posted about last July. (Is Deb/Silphium still reading my blog? Did you ever start your Prairie's Progress? I've searched a few times with no luck) The rocky pasture next to where we park the car and truck is lush with tansy, milkweed, and daylilies. The flowers which grow here seem somehow to suit the land. This is not a country estate, but rather an old farm, and the old-fashioned flowers are at home here.

Bright Lights Cosmos

Two growing things - the corn and the woodpile

Daylilies outside the kitchen door

Cucumbers are beginning to grow

Potatoes, Dahlias, Yellow Beans

It won't be long before these pods are full of peas

The ever-blooming Rosa rugosa

Milkweed flowers


  1. Nan, my garden is much like yours, self-sowing and rearranging itself all the time. I'm just the editor.

  2. The orange daylilies are glorious. I haven't seen that shade growing around here. I have yellow and white but I'll be looking out for some orange to add an exotic flavour to the garden.

  3. Your stroll looks lovely through your pictures.

    I really like your new header picture.

  4. Nan, What a pretty stroll. I love the photos of the wood pile and the veggie garden. It makes it feel like a real visit to your farm.

    Your daylilies look so very pretty!

  5. Joyce, I just love that - the editor - perfect!
    Monix, thank your - no one here would think orange was exotic. they are the most common of daylilies, and that's why I love them!
    Lisa, thanks so much. I'm pretty wild about those daylilies. In a while, the others will open.
    Aisling, that's just what I try to do in pictures - give a sense of what it is like around here. Thanks for your appreciation of that.

  6. The daylilies are gorgeous here right now, too. What a stunning header! Beautiful photo!

  7. I love your Sunday Strolls. I thought of doing one myself but the weather was just atrocious here yesterday and I didn't venture outside. It was the Wimbledon Men's final and fortunately it was better weather there and I spent the afternoon in front of the TV watching the tennis!

    I'm glad you said that you're "not the kind of gardener who goes out daily and weeds, deadheads, etc" - it makes me feel better because I'm not either, but your garden and flowers are so, so beautiful, I just wish mine would grow like it - the bare spaces here get filled with ground elder, which is not beautiful!

  8. Of course, I'm still reading your blog, Nan. I never miss a day. We have so much in common that it is uncanny.

    A Prairie's Progress is still stalled. I really need a swift kick in the pants.


  9. Thank you, Robin. I was thrilled with how it came out. SO orange.
    Margaret, It has taken a while for it to look so good. And we have our share of horrible plants, like goutweed. We have to keep pulling it out of the garden underneath the kitchen windows or it would take over everything. I hate even writing the word. :<)
    Deb, thank you, thank you for writing. I'm so glad you're 'still here!' The Queen of the Prairie is getting pinker each day, and it might even make the next Sunday Stroll. Thanks for writing. I'll bet you were surprised to see your name. :<)


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