Friday, July 11, 2008

First Peas

Precious and fleeting, peas occupy a tiny window in time in late spring and early summer. The minute heat sets in they're finished, but until then they are one of the most delectable treats in the vegetable world. Little need be done except to cook them as soon as you can. Unlike today's corn, their sugars turn to starch once picked. ... They are so special and their season is so brief that they beg for simple treatments.
Deborah Madison

We'll eat them this way.


  1. I think I eat most of our peas raw. Every time I walk past the row I can't resist picking a couple of pods. They're coming to an end now though and as we speak my husband is planting out the next crop, though we do have a row of mange tout on the go as well.

  2. My kids always liked them raw when they were little, Cath, and now the dogs do. :<) What on earth is mange tout??

  3. I expect you call them something else, Nan. They're whole young pods where you eat the whole thing. (Thus the name - mange tout, French for 'eat it all'.) They're a bit like sugar snap peas but even younger. Popular here in stir-fry meals.

  4. Oh, I just love it, Cath!! Sugar snap peas or edible pod peas are the only names I know.

  5. This was a perfect post for me. I'm growing peas for the first time in my life (along with a few other first veggies, as in ... everything) and know nothing about anything about what to do with them. Not a thing.
    I especially loved reading about Mrs. Appleyard. Loved it, loved it!


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