Saturday, July 12, 2008

Bowl of daylilies - July 12

Last August, I began a daily photo called bowl of daylilies, and today I'm starting the 2008 batch. This is just a little whimsy which delights me. I'm wild about daylilies, and if I had a chance to rename our road, I'd call it Daylily Lane. I go out each morning, and pick whatever strikes my fancy. Sometimes they are all one color, sometimes they are a mix of colors. I keep the bowl on the patio table because there are two problems with daylily bouquets inside - Raya the cat spills the water trying to drink from the bowl, and I've found that some daylilies leave quite a stain if they drip.

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  1. Nan, your bowl of daylilies are gorgeous. I don't blame you for bringing them closer to the house so you can admire them all day. I will look forward to seeing your bowls of joy.

  2. I like that, Lisa - bowls of joy. So, so true!

  3. Thanks, Sarah. One of the things I love is seeing how they look altogether after I've picked them.

  4. Okay Heidi! Read the entries and you can answer your questions ~ LOL! I just asked about this in the other entry. I cut out the thingy bobbers when I put them indoors and no problems with stains. Now the problem with Raya is one I have no answer for. :)

    Hugs ~


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