Friday, July 18, 2008

Travelin' again

For a woman who hadn't been away in seven years, here I go again, and wait'll you see the place!

The whole family are heading up for the weekend to celebrate Tom's mother's 80th birthday (which was actually in February). And the best part? I bought some new clothes!

A jacket and pants (or split skirt, as they say) from Very Vineyard.

And some linen pants from Eileen Fisher.

And a new bag from Vera Bradley.

I'm not really a brand name person except for my jeans from the Gap, and my tees from Woolrich, but all of a sudden for this occasion, those brand names are just rolling off my tongue. :<)

The Balsams offers all sorts of activities from tennis to swimming, but not being the sporty type my plan is to sit on the porch, look out at the view, and read. I'm bringing my current Canadian Book Challenge selection, Tottering in my Garden, and the second in Peter Robinson's mystery series, A Dedicated Man.


  1. Have a lovely weekend. The Balsams looks wonderful, so I'm sure you will.

  2. The Balsams looks absolutely lovely! Was a gorgeous setting. I wish I was meeting you there. Have a wonderful time.

  3. Oh, my goodness. What a lovely place! As we go into our umpteenth week of triple-digit temps, I would love, love, love to be sitting beside you on that porch. You know, it fulfill's H.'s requirement of golf and mine of a shady porch. Hmmm.....

    Have a fabulous weekend! And my best to your family and mother-in-law!

  4. You chose a wonderful place. Watch out for the moose, they sometimes wander out of the woods and onto the hotel grounds! And have fun.

  5. Enjoy, enjoy~
    Looks lovely!
    May all be a blessing to your
    mother-in-law as she turns 80!~
    Lots of candles to blow out!


  6. Nan - have a great time and look forward to hearing all about it

  7. This looks like a wonderful place for a retreat. Hmmm, what do you think, Kay? Should our little group meet Nan there?! Perhaps in another summer or two? I'm game. I'd even do some pre-reunion shopping at her favorite sites.

    Nan, you have to post pictures of you in your new outfits! And I so want to order some new clothes, too, but I didn't see how to order from the Nantucket site. Maybe I'm just too sleepy right now to locate an order form. Did you buy them online or in a boutique?

    I can't wait to hear all about your weekend! I'm heading out to ride my bike with a couple of friends. Rod & Annie will stay home where it's much cooler, but will join us out on our deck for burgers when we return. Ah, I do love summertime!

  8. Great fun!!!! How wonderful to get together and the picture of above of you all is so HAPPY!!!!

    and which Vera Bradly did you get??? I am addicted to them! I must know so do tell!


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