Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Today's poem - Summer Music by May Sarton

Summer Music
by May Sarton

Summer is all a green air –
From the brilliant lawn, sopranos
Through murmuring hedges
Accompanied by some poplars;
In fields of wheat, surprises;
Through faraway pastures, flows
To the horizon's blues
In slow decrescendos.

Summer is all a green sound –
Rippling in the foreground
To that soft applause,
The foam of Queen Anne's lace.
Green, green in the ear
Is all we care to hear –
Until a field suddenly flashes
The singing with so sharp
A yellow that crashes
Loud cymbals in the ear,
Minor has turned to major
As summer, lulling and so mild,
Goes golden-buttercup-wild.



Queen Anne's lace



  1. Now I need to thank you for reminding me of May Sarton. I see that my poetry book has a number of her poems, so time to start reading!

  2. I really, really like her work - her nonfiction, especially.


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