Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Bowl of daylilies - July 23

I bought these daylilies without even knowing what color they would be simply because of the name, Little Fred. Tom and I had an older friend named Fred, who was an excellent mason. He worked on both our houses, and we adored him. So, when I saw a daylily with his name, I had to buy it. The bonus is that it is a spectacular color. And on this cloudy (again!) day, the yellow in the middle is like sunshine.


  1. Nan, I have been so enjoying your daylilies that I am inspired to plant more in my garden next year. I have some very plain orange ones, and some single yellow ones, and they both do well without much input from me. They are, I think, a little harder to find here than in the US, but I won't let a little detail like that stop me ;)

    Can you recommend one or two you wouldn't be without?

    Thanks so much for sharing

    PS do they suffer from lily beetle? It is just becoming a nuisance in the south of England, and reached my garden last year. Some of my lilies have been badly affected ...

  2. Thank you for writing, Joanna.

    I found some pictures here:
    That may give you some ideas. All my pinkish ones came from White Flower Farm in what they called a pink collection.

    I love every one of mine. Each one has such a different beauty. Every color and size is gorgeous to me.

    I found the following places:
    and I'm sure there are more sites. I typed daylilies england into google.

    I think the lily beetle is on Asiatic or Tiger Lilies rather than the daylily. I've never seen a daylily chewed by anything - yet one more wonderful thing about them.

  3. Nan thank you so much for all this information - I can't wait to get started, and I hope your dahlias are beginning to produce properly :)



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