Monday, August 4, 2008

Today's cd/Sleep Through The Static

Jack Johnson
Sleep Through The Static

I'm a word person. When a song is playing with words, I can't read, or even converse very well, because I'm listening to the words. That's why I prefer instrumental jazz if I'm reading or talking to people. But for every single rule, there is an exception, and Jack Johnson is mine. His words roll over me, as if he were just saying, the meditative "om." I've never known anyone like him musically. I wrote about him already, but today I'm featuring his new album. It is my favorite so far. I hear occasional words and I even read the liner notes, but mostly it is that voice, that music, that calm which he projects. I like to think that his music could really change the world. No road rage, no hatred of our fellow world citizens, just the peace that he gives off.


  1. I've been listening to a lot of Jack Johnson thanks to you (and the Internet) and tomorrow I plan to buy a couple of his cds at work. I would normally order them through Amazon, but I want to have them for my trip so I can listen in-flight. I could download them from iTunes, but I really like to own the cds with their liner notes and jewel cases. I'm such a Luddite.

  2. I don't think of you as a Luddite at all, my iPod friend. :<) I still like my audiotapes and my cds, either bought at stores or through iTunes. I wish you a wonderful trip with lotsa love with daughter and grand-daughter!

  3. I bought this and the other album yesterday at work. I've listened to both nonstop and LOVE them!! I find myself humming the songs when I'm not at home. They are so catchy and upbeat! Thank you, Nan. You always steer me toward the best music. :)


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