Friday, August 1, 2008

Garlic and shallot harvest

I've mentioned this before, but one of the most appealing things about keeping an online journal is having a record of the vegetables and flowers each year. I looked back and found that we picked the garlic almost exactly a year ago. And today, we picked again, and got 48 bulbs; last year we got 34. Could it be because of more rain and cool weather this growing season?

Today we also harvested the shallots, getting 60!

Not such great shots because of the partial sun. They are only in the sun for the late afternoon. Most of the day, it is a cool, shady porch, which will be just fine for drying.

I noted on one of the Sunday Strolls that I didn't think the nasturtiums would flower. Well, they did, and the plants were huge, so big in fact that they were shading the poor cucumber so we pulled them all up today. Just as well, as it was pretty soggy inside the leaves. Next year I'm thinking of putting them in a tub on the terrace.

I'm still picking yellow beans and zephyr squash almost every day. The green zucchini is less prolific, but I get a couple every few days.


  1. I love nasturtiums. They seem to shout out, "Summertime!!"

  2. I love seeing these - thanks for sharing the photographs. I enjoy photographing my farmers market veggies for the same reason.

  3. Nasturtiums are one of my favorite and I love putting both the leaves and flowers in salad-peppery like watercress. And every year, just when I think they won't flower, they do and go on and on until late September.


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