Saturday, August 2, 2008

Bowl of daylilies - August 2


  1. Nan, I have been enjoying your bowl full of daylilies. My daylilies are about finished blooming. Just a few stragglers.

  2. I've been enjoying your blog for several months. Your comments on weather and gardening make me truely homesick for New England!
    Just ordered "Lost Hill" from Alibirs. Dorothy Evelyn Smith's "O, The Brave Music" is my favorite.

  3. Thanks so much, Lisa. I never tire of them, and it's nice to know someone else doesn't either. :<)
    Morning's minion - I am amazed, really amazed that you ordered Lost Hill. It thrills me that you, and Judy, the woman who originally recommended it to me, are reading DES (hey, that could be D.E. Stevenson, too - another great older author!) I am loving He Went for a Walk. I wonder if your library has it. I'm going to read "O, The Brave Music" and "Lost Hill" soon. Thanks for writing.


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