Tuesday, August 5, 2008


I read this online: Zucchini grows best when exposed to 6 – 8 hours of direct sunlight each day.

Well, we've not had very many of those days in past weeks, and yet, this is the best year for zucchini I've had in ages and ages; maybe ever since we moved here in 1981. It doesn't care how soggy the ground is. It doesn't even care that I chop off those prickly leaves often so I can reach in without pain. It doesn't care that the plants are too close together. All I know is I'm happy, happy, happy, as Emeril says. I've eaten a lot and frozen a lot. And made that cake! The doors all stick, the cellar is wet, but I have zucchini!


  1. Sounds like you're getting the weather we had earlier in the summer. You must have decent drainage if your plants aren't drowning. Those zucchini must be full of water!

  2. They are just perfect. I just chopped up and froze the ones in the picture.

  3. I love zucchini Nan! We bought a huge one at a farm and had it for dinner both yesterday and Monday.

    Stop by my blog as I have left an award there for you.

    Hugs ~

  4. NAN!!!
    I finally found your blog!!! I'm going to dig through and see what you've been up to~!!! I hope everything in your world is wonderful~!!


  5. How do you get the yellow ones to have green tips?

  6. Thanks, Heidi, I'll be by soon.
    Hooray, Cara!
    Susan, they are called zephyr:

    I saw them at the farmers market and wanted to grow them. I asked what they were called and then got them from Johnny's. I love it.

  7. Do you have to run dehumidifiers to keep the house from getting mildewy? We have two constantly running in our basement during the summer. I'm always amazed by the amount of water collected from the air every single day!

  8. Heidi, how do you cook big ones? If I have ones that are big, I grate them into zucchini cake. :<)

  9. Nan - yes I saw your answer to me regarding flowers. I dream of the ocean and fresh seafood but have not got there as of yet. In the past many animals. Now just little Sadie. Have a great day.
    Hope the cellar dries quickly.

  10. Heidi, how do you cook huge ones? Do you stuff them?
    Cara, hooray!! I'm so pleased that you found me, and that you have a blog, too.
    Susan, that is a characteristic of the zephyr and the very reason I grow it! I think it is so beautiful


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