Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Wordless Wednesday - Cellar floor after much rain


  1. Nan
    I just posted awhile ago how dry it is. I'll send you some dry weather if you can send me some rain.So sorry about your basement.
    I haven't stopped by to tell you how much I'm enjoying your daylilies in the bowl each day.
    I remember your pictures from last year too.
    Thanks for the beauty in the lily varieties. Very enjoyable.
    I also made the choc. zucchini cake from last year, again this year, and shared with some neighbors. Delicious.

  2. Oh, that's too bad! I hope it doesn't make the house too musty.

  3. I've actually been enjoying the rain this summer- I have an aversion to heat and I thought the rain was a blessing. I think not owning our own property does help in that regard; we rent an apartment and have less worries about longterm damage the weather causes. But this reminded me "everything in moderation..." We don't want too much of either rain or sun. A balance would be nice.

  4. Thanks, Mim, I'll take your trade, :<) Thank you for your words about the daylilies. I'm just wowed by them each day. And I can't tell you how very pleased I am that you made both z. cakes. Thank you.
    Joyce, the house isn't too musty because we have a dehumidifier going 24/7 in the cellar. Tom empties 5 gallons a day!
    The elementary, there are a lot of problems around here on the roads - some are washed out on the edges. We even had a mudslide into a road a few towns away. We've been luckier than other parts of the state where there was a tornado. Quite a summer! I don't think our house will suffer any long term damage. We have stone walls down there, and we always have a bit of wet, but it's just been worse lately.

  5. Nan
    Thank you for the comment on my new blog. I think we have a lot in common. I miss my country home and built a cottage in the city to be near children and grandchildren
    At the moment feel like moving back.
    Anyway thank you for visiting me I will be checking your blog daily.
    Tell me about the lillies. Are they just laying in a glass bowl in water?

  6. Oh Nan, my sympathy to you. We suffered like this with the rain last year.In truth it's not much better this summer.
    Your Daylilies have been lovely, If I wasn't so horticulturaly challenged, I'd try to grow some!


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