Saturday, August 16, 2008

Book Report/Nova Scotia

Nova Scotia
by Tanya Lloyd Kyi
nonfiction, 2003
finished, 8/16/08
3rd reading in the 2nd Canadian Book Challenge, Eh?

Long before there were blogs, there were lists or groups online which connected people of similar interests. Several years ago I met a woman from Nova Scotia on one of these lists, and we formed a friendship. This is the same woman who recommended the Pierre Berton book I read for the first Canadian Book Challenge. Five years ago she sent me this book, and today I read it for the 2nd Canadian Book Challenge. It is a travel book, a tourist sort of book with information that this fact-geek absolutely loved: Halifax is the world's second-largest natural ice-free harbour; in 1917 a Belgian ship collided with a French vessel which carried explosives, and over 1900 people were killed - the largest man-made detonation in history until nuclear weapons were invented; in the wetlands of Kejimkujik National Park, 95% of the entire species population of Blanding's turtles lives.

This is a gorgeously photographed book which makes the reader want to go visit or move to Nova Scotia. It was named "New Scotland" by Scottish settlers because it reminded them of their homeland. I loved the book, and thoroughly enjoyed my literary stay there. I hope someday to visit the province, and my friend who gave me the book.


  1. YAY! I *am* moving there. TWO MORE WEEKS till departure. And I've never been to Nova Scotia, so I'm very much looking forward to my Maritimes indoctrination. :)

  2. This looks like a lovely book! And I think I know who sent it to you. I hope you get to visit her someday soon!

  3. ...and don't forget your friend who visits from time to time. ;-)

  4. We visited the Maritime Provinces in 1997 so that I could have an orgy of Anne of Green Gables! We flew to Halifax and thought it was lovely, as was Nova Scotia; like a miniature Scotland. PEI was my favourite though, unlike so many holiday destinations, nothing about the Island disappointed, it was magical. We also drove through New Brunswick down to Maine and the weather was kind to us. It remains one of my all-time favourite holidays and one we hope to repeat some time.

  5. Nan I just posted books I am reading and want to post those I have read so far this year.
    The idea came from you
    Whatever you say is fine with me.

  6. I think I might just be the afore-mentioned Nova Scotian! :-) Yes, Nan, DO come to Nova Scotia. We'll have an old-fashioned kitchen party in your honour!

  7. I've heard rumours of the beauty of the Canadian east coast. I was in Prince Edward Island last year for the first time (gorgeous!) but still have yet to visit Nova Scotia, New Brunswick (relatives there)and Newfoundland and Labradour. Someday ....

    (P.S. I don't know who i2i is but I discovered his photos before vacationing in PEI and loved them. I hope you do, too!)

  8. Oh, and I found your blog through the Canadian challenge. I just had to see what you thought of 'Nova Scotia' ;).


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