Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Housework/Bathroom - update 2

The great new tub surround with many convenient shelves is in, and check out the shower rod - the name of the company is actually "Hotel Shower Rod!" It is just the best idea! It bows out, giving more room when you take a shower. I've had the shower curtain for a while and I think it's adorable and very cheerful. I love the new white faucets.

There's a new ceiling light and fan which our daughter's boyfriend helped Tom put in.

The old vinyl floor is up, and we're thinking of Marmoleum. Have you heard of it, or do you have it anywhere in your homes? It is an ecologically sound product, and the color choices are gorgeous. We thought perhaps the floor could be the highlight of the room, and then go with white walls and casements. We decided to not try and put in the floor ourselves so someone came by this morning to measure. He'll be giving us an estimate soon, though he doesn't know that we are going with this store (not a big box, but a local) anyway. Actually, we've never had estimates. We choose who we want to do a job, and that's it; something you can do pretty safely in a small area. If a person charges too much or doesn't do a good job, the business won't last too long.

Tom took the sink and vanity out a while ago, put it at the bottom of the road with a "free" sign, and it was gone in no time. We have a new sink on order from Home Depot, and instead of the pedestal we had thought we'd be getting, we've chosen a stand which has chrome bars for towels and wash clothes, and a little shelf at the bottom.

Today Tom is steaming off the old wallpaper.

I'm thrilled with the prospect of this new room after 23 years!


  1. Nan, I am so pleased for you. I experienced doing some of this to my 100 year old farm home years ago. Things not orderly for a while but when it is done - you will smile. I like the bowed shower rod. I have never seen them before.

  2. What a lovely, bright and cheery result! and how nice that much of the project could be D-I-Y. As I type this, a carpenter is bashing the concrete subfloor of our master bath shower into bits, and hauling it outside. Every layer that he and our plumber peel away reveals one more new problem to be solved.

  3. Your new bathroom will be lovely! That shower curtain rod is about the most sensible thing I've seen in a long time...I somehow always end up with part of our curtain sticking to various body parts. Hee!

  4. What fun! Your new shower rod looks great, and I love the flooring. Very cool.

  5. How exciting! My folks have a shower rod like yours and are very happy with it. Love the flip-flop shower curtain!!

    Our shower is finished. All new tile (new concrete subfloor), new shower doors and new fixtures. We should have the remaining work finished in a few more weeks. Just need to get the drywall and trim up near the outside of the shower. I'm thinking about new flooring, too, but that can wait a little while. Between the shower and a vacation, funds are a little slim!


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