Sunday, August 24, 2008

Sunday Stroll/August 24

This Sunday I decided to put on my boots and stroll into the north pasture to visit the farm animals.

First I went into the barn to shut off the electricity to the fence. This is the charger.

The chickens are happy in the cool, shady barn on this warm summer day.

Looking up I saw a hawk and the daytime moon.

Esther and Bracelet spotted me first, and began to hustle over. The goats do hustle. They don't know what a leisurely stroll is.

Daisy came along next, eating her way over to me.

And then the dear sheep, all in a row. We got four of them in 2000, and sadly we remember only two names - Marley and Hendrix. :<) The other two have a wonderful story behind them. When Tom's sister turned fifty, her husband, remembering that she had always wanted sheep, drove her up here to a local farm and had her pick out two lambs. Since they live in town, her husband had spoken with us first to see if the sheep could live here. He gives us some money every year for hay, and she visits when she can. Hers are called Mocha and Mascara.

There goes Tom off to Home Depot or Lowe's, our homes away from home these days!
This is why Tom has to mow every fall with the tractor. The animals don't eat everything and tiny trees grow up very quickly...
...and turn into these.

Sustenance along the way.

Looking back at the house from the northern property line.

I sat down on a rock and just let the peace flow over me.


  1. Oh, I just loved this! It gives me a much better picture of where you live. Looks very peaceful and quiet. That last shot is a hoot!

  2. Nan, this was such a delightful stroll through your farm. I just loved the last picture. Your donkey looks like it is rolling in the lap of luxury.

  3. Nan, love your Sunday Stroll. Memories again of my farm.
    Thank you for the kind comments on my journal.
    At the moment I now HAVE HI-SPEED.
    What a differance over dial-up.
    I may do away with the TV also and just go the DVD route.
    Have a great rest of the day.
    Your journal amazes me, how very talented you are. I think I will also go the route of no TV and use DVD's.
    Have a great rest of the day.

  4. Lovely summery day, thanks for sharing!

    PS I did respond to your "milky" email from a couple of weeks ago, I hoped you received my reply.

  5. Gorgeous photos, Nan. I feel like I went on the walk with you...

  6. Nan, I just loved walking through the pasture with you! It reminded me of what I used to do in NJ when we had the 13 acre farm-I would walk it every night with my husband and on the weekends we would check every inch of the fencing, property etc. It looks like you have quite a menagerie! What kind of sheep are those. We used to raise romneys and 12 Columbian.

  7. Daisy reminds me of our Annie-Dog. Always on her back, ready for a tummy rub!

  8. Love your house and land!
    Oh my..... must be very quiet.
    I could hear the animals coming
    too. Fabulous photography!
    I was blessed.


  9. Now that is going to give me a perfect week Nan!!! I will just think of this playful donkey on his back whenever I feel down or anything is difficult. What a precious one he is!!!

    Hugs ~

  10. Nan, thank you for sharing this! I feel as though I was there with you.

  11. Nan
    Your Sunday stroll was great.
    And I am enjoying your 'new' blogroll which has led me to all sorts of new blogs, because I can see the name of their post. Great.

  12. Thank you! This was a little "peace" of bliss for this farm girl at heart.

  13. What a fun time.. I felt like I was along for the stroll! I especially love the view of the house!

  14. What a wonderful post, Nan. Those were gorgeous photos that really allowed me to "feel" where you live. But how I wish I could actually walk the property with you!

  15. Oh Nan! Now it's my turn to say 'can you zoom me over?' please!
    Your place is so beautiful and I feel from another continent, how much you love your land, your home and your animals.x

  16. Gosh, I am so very pleased you liked the stroll so much. I am really touched by all your comments.

  17. Nan, That picture of the clotheline. That is my favorite.
    Oh how I loved hanging clothes on the line. But neatly and everything in order. Can see them blowing in the breeze and can smell the wonder fresh air scent.
    I have a small line I stretch at my new home. For some reason I find it therapeutic.

  18. I enjoyed the stroll with you very much. I like to visit cities once in a while but I'm always returning to the countryside — and New England is my favorite part of the States.

  19. Nan, What a lovely, pastoral stroll. It just said "Nan" to me from first to last. Wonderful!

    I can't even pick a favorite photo, but this is one of my favorite strolls ever. :)

  20. I didn't know donkeys could roll around like that! So funny! But I love the sheep faces, too. I have heard sheep are not clever - but they look so peaceful and wise.


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