Monday, August 4, 2008

Bowl of daylilies - August 4

These daylilies are from a "pink collection" I bought from White Flower Farm four years ago. As always, you may click on the picture for a closer view.


  1. I discovered your blog Sunday.
    Whenever I would put daylilies in a vase they would drip on my tablecloth. I have never seen them displayed like this. I like it. Are they just laying in water or are they fastened to something. I am going to do this.
    Thank you.
    Enjoying your sharing and copied your zuchinni cake recipe.

  2. Thanks for coming by Ernestine. I've had the same problem with bringing the daylilies in, though someone did comment that she pulls out what she called the "thingy bobbers" :<) when she brings them inside, and has no problem with stains. Now, I haven't checked with her but I'd guess she means the middle strands where the pollen is. If you try this, let me know! Mine are outside on the patio where I can see them right out the kitchen window. They are right in the water. Thank you for your interest. If you make the cake, let me know how it turned out, okay?


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