Sunday, August 17, 2008

Sunday Stroll/August 17

Today is a Sunday Stroll in the palette of yellow. Around here, yellow is the first color of spring and the last color of summer. I don't have crocus or snowdrops; the first flower is the daffodil, which comes in early May. Then later in the season, when most of the flower gardens have gone by, the wildflowers come into their glory and they are mostly yellow. Some names we knew, but others we just learned today as we carried the wildflower books around with us.

lance leaved goldenrod

Canada or meadow goldenrod


What I call "fall dandelions" - real name Dwarf dandelion, part of the aster family

Hop clover

These are growing between the stone steps. Children call the yellow wood sorrel, "sour tops" and eat the leaves, which are indeed very tasty!
Oops, not a yellow flower. :<) The curious garter snake came out of the same crack in the steps to see what I was doing.
Common evening primrose - not the ones in flowerbeds, but those that thrive on the roadsides. I've not been able to grow the garden variety because of our cool temperatures, but it is a delight to know they are here in another form.

black-eyed Susan

Please do go visit The Quiet Country House to find out who else is strolling this Sunday, and join the fun yourself if you have the time.


  1. Everything looks so lovely and vibrant in your neck of the woods ~ thanks for sharing your "yellow" world!

  2. Nan, Gorgeous! You found so much yellow. I have some of those same wild flowers blooming. I once read a passage in a magazine which said that some Native American tribes called the time when summer mellows into fall "the time of purple and yellow flowers." Here, as the golden rod linger the wild purple asters surge into bloom and I understand exactly what the Native Americans were talking about. I have never been able to track down the reference (Mother Earth? Country Journal? I just don't know!) but I think of it at this time of year.

    Your stroll is lovely and your new banner is wonderful! :)

  3. Black-eyed Susans are my all-time favorites. Unfortunately, the bunnies love them, too.

  4. Just love your Sunday Stroll with lovely, vivid yellows--my favorite color of summer! Thanks for sharing!

  5. Thank you all for joining me on my stroll. "Vibrant" is just the right word for that bright, bright yellow, Linda.
    Aisling, that is a wonderful saying. We do have some purple, but not nearly as much as yellow. Maybe later? I'll see on another Sunday stroll perhaps!
    Les, the black-eyed Susans come some years and not others. I've tried transplanting them but it doesn't work. They are in some spots and not others. A real gift that I treasure wherever and whenever they show up. This has been an exceptionally good year for them.
    Ruth, I think it is my favorite color too! Sunshine in flowers.

  6. Your yellows are beautiful, Nan! They look so bright and cheerful (except for the snake!!!)


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