Sunday, August 3, 2008

First cucumber

During a break in the rain, I went out and picked the first cucumber. Delish! Clearing out the nasturtium plant really opened the cuke up to the sun and to better air circulation.


  1. I've been thinking about the cucumber vs nasturtium contension for space and sunlight--I might have let the nasturtiums have the ascendancy! They are one of my favorite annuals. In Vermont I planted them in the space around a big tub of herbs, in the corners of a raised bed, anywhere I could fit in a few. In 10 years of frustrated gardening attemps in Wyoming I have not been able to coax a nasturtium to blossom. The ones in the old washtub by the east-facing garage wall have withered away. I had hopes for the ones in a planter on the west porch, but they too have reached only a few inches high and are drooping.
    Two of my book orders from Alibris were in the mail today. I dare not open them because doing so will immediately jepardize the furniture-moving and house-cleaning spree I've started.
    [I really need to organize my own blog when I have a few hours to figure out the how-to. I have too much to say!]
    I never thought I would be reading on-line journals, much less contemplating the creation of one, but I love essay/journal type books. Maybe that's where the urge originated.

  2. Well, the nasturtiums weren't looking too good so I think it was a fair trade. Plus, I love cukes! If I can help you at all in setting up your blog, leave me a comment with your email address. I have the moderation thing so I can delete it and no one will see it. I've been thinking about you a bit as the mom in My Friend Flicka. Have you ever read it? Not a cheery children's tale, but a serious book, I thought. The mother so missed New England.

  3. That would be "Nell" in the My Friend Flicka trilogy--I'd forgotten she was from New England. Have you read Mary O'Hara's journal, Wyoming Summer?
    I'm finding the posting process a bir awkward, but don't see anyway around it at present!
    It delights me that you appreciate so many of the older authors.


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