Monday, August 11, 2008

Today's poem - The Final Poem by Maxine Kumin

The Final Poem

Bread Loaf, late August, the chemistry
of a New England fall already
inviting the swamp maples to flare.

Magisterial in the white wicker rocker
Robert Frost at rest after giving
a savage reading

holding nothing back, his rage
at dying, not yet, as he barged
his chair forth, then back, don't sit

there mumbling in the shadows, call
yourselves poets? All
but a handful scattered. Fate

rearranged us happy few at his feet.
He rocked us until midnight. I took
away these close-lipped dicta. Look

up from the page. Pause between poems.
Say something about the next one.
Otherwise the audience

will coast, they can't take in
half of what you're giving them.
Reaching for the knob of his cane

he rose, and flung this exit line:
Make every poem your final poem.

From: Still To Mow, 2007


  1. There are always gems to be found on your website, Nan. Thankyou!

  2. Hi Nan... Just wanted to drop by and thank you for your comments at my blog. They are always much appreciated! And I love visiting here at your blog... it's always such a peaceful place... and we can never have too many of those! Blessings (and thanks, again)...Debra


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