Friday, August 22, 2008

Time Out

Please relax with your favorite music and beverage while I work on my new blog list. I've tried before without success, but I like the new format so well that I'm trying again. I may not get it all done today, with over a hundred on my list, but you'll see them show up gradually, alphabetically. The original list will stay up until the new one is complete. When I finish, I'm going to have them listed by newest postings. Stay tuned...

Addendum: 8:30 pm - done. I decided not to put them in order of newest postings. Mrs. Monk needed the alphabetical order. :<) If I have accidentally put you in the wrong geographical locale, please, please let me know. I was getting a little bleary-eyed near the end.


  1. Hi Nan! Since you use blogger, you DO know that there's an easy way to upload your blog list from Google Reader, right? I know you don't use the reader, but it might be easier to load the sites in Google then transfer then to Blogger rather than adding them into Blogger first. Just a suggestion ...

  2. Thanks Heather. I'm doing okay, I think (and I hope!). I decided to do some categories, so I want to go slowly. I'm going back and forth between two browsers, and so far, so good. I do appreciate your note. How do you know I don't use google reader?? I don't actually even know what it is. :<)

  3. You have a lovely blog here. Edward and I are bookmarking you for future visits!
    Happy weekend!

  4. Nan
    You are inspiring me. I need to do this too.

  5. Love the picture, Nan! It's familiar to me, an advertisement from the 1950's for the beer industry, of all things!

    The cutline reads, "In this friendly, fun-loving belongs. Enjoy it!

    Ha ha.

  6. Hi Nan,
    I so like the way you have the blog roll's subjects listed - already listened to a John Prine song I noted on one. A great effort. As usual, I am entirely impressed at how beautifully your blog is put together. Kudos.

  7. I love this picture. Brings back memories of another life and time.
    Now I am in my favorite tattered garden clothes. Dirt on my hands.
    Sitting in the grass in the shade with a glass of tea and surveying my garden accomplishments in one spring.
    Have a great day.

  8. Ah, now you'll have to start offering tech classes. I'm very impressed you made the change you wanted, and stuck with it until the bleary-eyed, bitter end. It IS nice to see the title of everyone's latest post, isn't it?

  9. And I've added you to the list, Pamela!

    Mary Lois, there's a site where I get the 50s-60s pictures I post occasionally:
    I wonder if you know it since you knew the photo label??
    Mim, I really like this new option.
    Susan, what a nice, nice thing to say. I really do have fun with it. And you going to hear the Prine song is exactly what I was hoping for. It's a great way for me to see if there is a new topic someone has written which I haven't read, but it is also a great, great way to introduce a new blog to a reader.
    Ernestine, you could still put on music and have your drink in those clothes! :<)

  10. Bellezza, what I'm not able to do is add the time of last posting or a snippet. I've seen it on other blogs, and it is definitely offered but when I click to add it, all I get is a blank space on the list. Maybe my satellite connection isn't fast enough to make it happen? Who knows? But I'm happy with how it is so it's okay.

  11. Hello Nan!

    I have been thinking of doing this too! By the way, I just love your new banner! Wishing you a fabulous weekend!



  12. And to think there was a time when you decided to not have a blog! :)

  13. You know, Les, I think that had more to do with dial-up than anything else. I got so frustrated because I couldn't load even my profile photo at that time. I couldn't stand the stress of it.

  14. Nan, I'm so flattered you've included my blog. A timely reminder that I should use today (wet and windy again for a Bank Holiday!) to update my own list.


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