Friday, August 8, 2008

Mrs Bale couldn't say it better

If you are interested in weather, and interested in my rainy, rainy weather in particular, head over to Amy Kane's blog, and read this entry. The following was not uplifting:

Meanwhile, meteorologists see no signs that the weather - caused by a warm, humid air mass hanging over the region, broken up only by small and infrequent cold fronts - will change in August.

Time for me to pick up my book, curl up in a chair, and read, read, read!


  1. we had a sudden hailstorm after supper...think your curl up and read suggestion sounds good.

  2. It's pouring with rain here in Lincolnshire too, Nan! So I'm curling up with a few good films. :-D

  3. Our weather has been identical here in eastern Canada. All of July, and so far, all of August has been hot, humid and damp. Ugh! I spent a week at my daughter's in New Brunswick and the weather was exactly the same with even more dark, heavy cloud cover. I hope it blows away and we can salvage at least a couple of nice weeks this month. :) There's always September to look forward to.

  4. Nan I have just finished about one hour going over "some of your reading journals"
    I can only say "you are amazing"
    I do not have the words to describe how in awe I am of you.
    I am so pleased I found your online journals.
    Sincerely expressed by a lady in her new city cottage that misses her country life. I have just ordered 4 books from Amazon.

  5. I'm not sure if you are sending us your weather or we are sending you ours, Nan, but never has Devon (in South West England) been more dismal. Except for last summer, which was just as wet and grey. Given that Devon is one of the UK's main summer holiday destinations, there are some very long faces around. It used to be that SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder) was confined to the winter months, due to lack of sunlight - no longer!

    I have escaped into the wonderful world of Nancy Mitford and her sisters . . .

  6. Isn't it interesting that so many of us are having rains!
    And Ernestine, thank you, thank you for your kind words.


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