Saturday, February 23, 2008

Sour Cream Waffles

This evening we had our friends over for cocktails and waffles; not a combination you think of too often, but it was great! The recipe comes from The Joy of Cooking, and was doubled from the original. It made five large delicious waffles in our waffle iron, one for each of us, and everyone was full.

Sour Cream Waffles

Mix together:
1 1/2 cups whole wheat pastry flour, 1/2 cup unbleached white flour
2 1/2 teaspoons baking powder
1/4 teaspoon salt
2 teaspoons baking soda

Separate 6 eggs.
Beat the egg yolks well, and then add 1 cup sour cream.
Mix with dry ingredients.
Beat egg whites and fold into batter. Add milk as needed to thin the batter.


  1. Hi Nan,

    Thanks for the wonderful recipe! And yes, breakfast foods and cocktails certainly go together!

  2. Sounds like a fun evening!

    I think I've made this recipe before. I need to make waffles more often. We're having buttermilk pancakes for breakfast this morning.

  3. Don't you just love the Joy of Cooking? It is my go-to cookbook, along with Fannie Farmer.
    Those waffles look amazing and now I have to make some for dinner one night this week. We're not all together at breakfast at our house, so breakfast-for-dinner is always popular at our house. :)
    Thanks for posting this recipe, Nan,

  4. Oh, my! That sounds like great fun (and very tasty!).

  5. Hi Nan: These look so good, I think I shall have to try my hand at making some very soon. Thanks for posting the recipe.

  6. I well remember making this exact recipe before our waffle iron fell into disrepair. I always wondered if beating the egg whites was worth it, though...yours look gorgeous!

  7. I have a collection of antique editions of Joy of Cooking...they're always available at second-hand stores, sometimes in pretty good shape. My collection amounted to three and I gave away two, keeping one for my own use. I gave one to my daughter, hoping she could bring herself to part with her batter-spattered, 25-year-old copy for an older one in better shape.

    I made pancakes for the grandson for breakfast this morning, without using a recipe.

    A famous use for waffles is with fried chicken1 Soul food! Maybe I should put it on my food blog...

  8. Wow, these really look delicious! It sounds like a wonderful winter evening.

  9. Oh, yum - thanks for the recipe. And I think you're right - waffles would be great for a party!!


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