Monday, February 11, 2008

Going to the dogs

Just a reminder to all the dog lovers that The Westminster Dog Show begins tonight and continues tomorrow night:

Live Telecast: Monday, Feb 11 (8-9 PM Live ET / 8-9 PM PT) on USA Network
Continuing Live Telecast: Monday, Feb 11 (9-11 PM Live ET / 9-11 PM PT) on CNBC

Live Telecast: Tuesday, Feb 12 (8-11 PM Live ET / 8-11 PM PT) on USA Network

You may remember last year I jotted down my favorite breeds for our next dog. I do this every year, and I'm already wondering if I'll choose the same ones or not. I think we have decided to not get a third dog. But that could change. I could be wooed.


  1. Nan, I went back and looked at your list of possibilities for future dogs. I must say the Mastiff is a beautiful dog and you have the room for one.

    In the large breeds I would like a Wolfhound. The big gray one. I forget its full name.

    In a small dog I would like a King Charles Cavalier Spaniel. They are so "cute".

    I like dogs of all sorts though. It was a big change in personality from a Lab (Mishka) to our present Shepherd, Luna. I have to tell Luna who is boss more often than I used to have to tell Mishka. Luna would like to boss us around if we would let her.

  2. Nan, thank you for the reminder. I will be tuned in. I also always think about my next dog; however, Beau the Poodle has different ideas since he is the king of the roost.
    I am leaving an award for you on my blog -- I am working on it now.

  3. Hi Nan, first time visitor to your site today and came here because I saw your Site given the "E" award from Nancy - congrats.

    I love the photo of Ben and Stacie. Would love them to write my Riley when they get a chance, send a photo and tell him something about who they are and what they like to do the most:)

    When you get a chance, take a look at Riley's site

    If you feel like sending a photo and a little bio please send it to me at

    In the meantime, thanks for the reminder of the Westminster - always a wonderful show!


  4. Wasn't the beagle adorable from last night. So full of personality and I love it when the dogs bark on the show. I would love a Bernese Mountain dog but the hair from Maxine drove us crazy and it's hard to find ticks on a long haired dog. We probably won't get another for awhile - actually last night my husband asked me not to bring another one home right now- and he is right.

  5. I LOVE YOUR NEW HEADER PHOTO! Aren't your doggies looking pretty.

    Hugs ~


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