Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Today's picture/Morning Mountains

In his book, String Too Short To Be Saved, Donald Hall writes:

[Mount] Kearsarge tells the weather. For most of my grandmother's ninety-seven years she stood at the kitchen window early in the morning - beside her rocker, under her canary, in its many incarnations always named Christopher - braiding her long hair and looking out at Kearsarge. "Mountain's real pretty today," she would say to my grandfather bringing sticks for the stove, or "Can't see the mountain too good today." When clouds moved north or east to cover Kearsarge's slopes, you knew the cut hay would be wet in the summer morning; in early winter you saw the snow over Kearsarge before the first flakes fell into the brown hayfields and over the stalks of the kitchen garden.

He could have been describing "our" mountains, which we also see out the kitchen windows. Some days they are so clear it feels like putting on your glasses to someone with poor vision. Other days, they disappear completely, and it feels like we have only trees at the end of our view. There is indeed snow there before "the first flakes" fall here. This morning I could see the nice day coming before the sun reached our land.


  1. This is a beautiful photo, the colours in the sky are wonderful.

  2. You have a little bit of paradise in your own backyard! I'm a little envious. I miss mountains.

  3. What a beautiful view! Having a view like that must be akin to seeing the ocean from your window, it's something that one will never ever be taken for granted!

  4. I should thing every day with a view like that must a new little miracle.

  5. Magnificent photo. Lovely words, too.

  6. Lucky you to have such a beautiful view!

    I guess instead of sending you a zillion comments (lol) I should just say that I've enjoyed catching up with your posts. My blogging has been erratic at best this winter - but hopefully that will change soon!

    I also wanted to tell you that after Christmas I took down the icicle lights on the inside of the porch and put up fairy lights. I love the soft lighting and plan to keep them up all the time! Next summer I may decide to put fairy lights on the fence by the patio too - still thinking on that one. But I think of you almost every time I look out and see the fairy lights - thanks for reassuring me that I could have them up year round!! I have really enjoyed our friendship through blogging. Thanks, Nan.


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