Sunday, February 10, 2008

Today's pictures/More snow

As I sat at the computer writing book reports, Tom braved the weather to do chores, and he snapped these pictures so you could see more snow. We could get another few inches today and tonight, and are supposed to have pretty good winds as well. Ah, winter. Ah, February. These are the only snowdrops we'll have around here for a while. :<)


  1. It looks like you are snowed in. I know you have plenty of books to read. We are having lentil soup and cornbread for dinner tonight because of you. tee hee. I am looking forward to it. thanks and keep warm.

  2. Wow! That's great, Lisa. Did you use that recipe or do you have your own for lentil soup? What kind of lentils do you use?

  3. Love the snow pictures! I really want one good snow storm before spring somes. Just one good one. But, alas, all we have is wet, windy, cold yuckiness!

  4. You got lots more snow!

    Not that much here. And the sun came out and melted some of the snow/ice on things, today.

    But now, we are cold. It's only 16 F now and it's just a little after 8PM. Lots of night-time left, to go down farther. Brrrrrrrrrrrrr... :-)


  5. Has it been a normal winter for you, or is this a lot of snow for just being mid-February? We've had a lot so far and the temps have been much colder than normal.

  6. Those images gives me the right feeling of winter... great work, I like it!

  7. We have blue skies and sunny weather. It is more like we are in mid spring here in Holland and things are really starting to happen in the garden. Mother Nature is a bit out of sorts this year.

    Hugs ~

  8. And today was another snow day off from school. We were supposed to get a lot of snow, and then it was supposed to turn to sleet and freezing rain. Only about 3 inches so far, and the sleet has begun, so who knows? Tom is happily reading in front of the fire. :<) And yes, Les, this is a 'normal' enough winter. Every year is a little different but there is always : snow, cold, sun, and many months of it! :<)


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