Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Big Night

Tonight is the Full Snow Moon in Virgo, and a Lunar Eclipse. Though we have had three in the past year, we won't have another until December 2010. At this site, I read:

This is the Full Moon of healing and service. Virgo understands that disease manifests itself in societies as well as in individuals. There is so much dis-ease in our world and we all need to awaken to our role as healers. This is especially true on this Full Moon in Virgo, with a total lunar eclipse. The soulful, peacemaking Pisces Sun opposes the scientific, nature-based healing Virgo Moon.

So let’s talk a bit about Virgo, which most people consider perfectionistic, critical, analytical, organized, discriminating, scientific, empirical, and calculating. In truth, we all express our Virgo side when we strive to be our best. Virgo is the healer, the doctor, the nurse, the teacher, the therapist, the worker, the researcher, the scientist, and the engineer. Virgo is the true healer of the zodiac because in its mind, if it causes pain, it warrants attention and a cure. For Virgo, caring comes in the form of finding workable solutions to everyday problems.

You may ask, why is she writing all this. Because this is my astrological sun and moon, and I am "soulful and peacemaking" and I do work hard at "finding workable solutions to everyday problems." I don't live and die by astrology, and I never read daily horoscopes, but I am fascinated by the study itself. Tom and I took a fantastic class years ago, and I learned a lot about it, and about myself.

I'm going to try and take photos tonight but they may not come out that well since I don't have a great camera, but still it is an exciting event.


  1. So let’s talk a bit about Virgo, which most people consider perfectionistic, critical, analytical, organized, discriminating, are you sure this isn't a Sagittarius? ;)

  2. You must have Virgo somewhere important in your astrological chart. It's very complex. There are houses for all facets of living.

  3. The skies here are low and gray so no star gazing or moon watching for me...
    I know very little about astrological charts I'm afraid!

  4. Very interesting Nan. I got a few pictures. I don't have a good camera either but it was fun trying. I want to add your post as a link to my post. Very interesting. I wish I had read it before I posted. I will look forward to your pictures. It can be amazing what a point and shoot can capture. They may not be great but I call them memory pictures because they sprark a memory that holds all the details that no camera can capture.

  5. *****

    Dear Nan,

    I love what you shared about the astrology of the full lunar eclipse.

    While watching meditatively, I spent time being mindful of the old ways and what indigenous people may have thought or felt during an event of such proportion.

    As a Virgo Moon, Virgo Rising Capricorn~ I truly sat in awe and inspiration of this particular eclipse. It's time for healing of our beloved planet, and ourselves.

    Thank you so much for your consciousness~

    Fond Regards,


  6. Well, I totally missed it. Haven't had time to get to the blog postings until now. And, being that I'm a Virgo, the description sounds quite normal to me: perfectionistic, critical, analytical, organized.....

    I don't know all the aspects of my astrological chart, but I do know that my husband is a Pisces and we mesh together very well.


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