Friday, February 8, 2008

Today's cd/Back To Black

Amy Winehouse
Back To Black

I know, I know I am very late coming to this singer, but my enthusiasm makes up for it! Amy Winehouse may be troubled, but my God, she can sing! Whew. I am so impressed. Beachreader wrote about her back in July and I should have bought the album then! If I close my eyes and pretend I don't know anything about her, I could be living in another time. There was a great program on NPR this morning about the young English singers. I'm going to look into the other ones mentioned as well. Thrilling, exciting musical times. There have been so many young singers over the past few years who I love and whose cds I have bought: Stacey Kent, Tony DeSare, KT Tunstall, Colbie Caillat, Brett Dennen, Paolo Nutini, James Blunt, James Hunter, Feist, Michael Bublé, Jamie Cullum. And these are just a few of the singers, not even mentioning the many great bands.


  1. I don't know anything about these singers though Amy Winehouse is frequently in news lately. I will have to check her music out. I am so impressed with how you keep up with the new music ... I haven't in recent years. (no ... Geoff is staying here in the parish ... in Pittsburgh diocese which is in turmoil. Our travel was for board meetings and to see family).

  2. If you type in some of those names in the search of my blog, you can read more; or go to the 'today's cd' label. I haven't posted about all of them. I love music, and am always interested in what's new, as well as older singers. One I just heard about is Bettye LaVette, a 61 year old blues singer. There's a daily email you can sign up for at NPR which delivers a 'song of the day.' I've just begun getting it.

    Our church is in the process of searching for a new rector, though I am not involved.

  3. You may like Sia Furler. I just stumbled over her and can't wait to pick up a CD!

  4. I keep going back to Back in Black. It's one of my fave albums.

    Good luck with rector search...if yours is an Episcopal parish, Nan, I could venture a guess which one, I know them all. Some better than others.

  5. I am only familiar with a few names, mostly because of my daughters. Recently, one of my girls went to a Feist concert here and just loved it! She had no idea that Feist would rise to the top so quickly!
    We are also familiar with Michael Buble as both are Canadians!:)
    I'll have to jot these names down and see if we can locate any other singers.
    We just watched La Vie en Rose and listened to Edith Piaf for the first she had a strong and unforgetable voice.
    Thanks for the recommendations!

  6. Colleen, I'll give her a listen. Thanks! I love hearing about new (to me) singers and musicians.

    Margaret, I wrote back on your blog. :<)

    Joanne, I'd love to see Feist in concert.

    Thanks to each of you for taking the time to write.


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