Monday, February 18, 2008

Weather stats from Mrs Bale

February 17:
5 am, -11º F

February 18:
5 am, 45º F

56º difference in twenty-four hours!


  1. Good gracious! That must be hard on the plants!!!
    I bet you're beginning to look forward to Spring already, huh?
    Jeanne :)

  2. Mrs. Bale, aren't you happy to be able to be inside where it is warm.

  3. Ha, ha, Jeanne. Those plants are so covered they have no idea what is going on. Spring is a long way off yet.
    Lisa, it is actually very warm out. Since that 5 am reading, the temp has gone up to 52 degrees. Balmy!

  4. My goodness! Well, we've warmed up here in eastern Canada as well -- it's about 46°F here today which is much warmer than it's been. I'm glad you're getting a break. :)

  5. See, you're having the weird temp changes that we get at times with the wind sweeping down the plains (shades of Oklahoma!). We've got 60's for highs today. Beautiful blue skies.

  6. Sounds like Nebraska! :) We currently at 16 (F).


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