Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Worth it

You know the ad for hair color which says, "because I'm worth it?" Well, that's how I feel about my vacuum cleaner. Yes, it was expensive, but I am definitely worth it! See that little bag? It is full and I go through one each and every week when I vacuum the house. I treasure my Electrolux, now called Aerus, more than any "time saving" appliance I own. Years ago I used to borrow an older friend's model to clean the house. Then we bought our own. We've had a few over the years. With these two dogs (who us??) and the cats, and living on a dirt road, and having a barn and animals, well, I don't think I could live without it. My daughter has had a few different kinds over the years and they just don't do the job, so she calls me up to borrow this beauty. When she and our son buy their own houses someday, this brand of vacuum will be the first gift we give to each of them.


  1. I have used the same Electrolux for the past fifteen or so years. I actually just had it reconditioned for almost $200, but it was worth it. I didn't know that Electrolux is now Aerus.

  2. Yes! You are {we are} worth whatever really makes our heart sing. And you certainly sound as if this beauty, is in that category, for you. Hooray!


  3. I had an Electrolux for years. It died. I was sad. I am even sadder because I have a horrible upright piece of trash that I don't even use much because it is trash. I have given my DB that job because he didn't understand how good the Electrolux was and doesn't mind heaving this upright piece of trash around the house. Must I go on to explain how I feel about this?? UGH I consider you lucky.

  4. We are surely worth any appliance which does a good job and leaves us time for more interesting things to do in our day other than housework. I say that but must admit that sometimes housework has an uplifting effect, when at last it's done and we get that satisfaction to see things spotless!
    PS Can't wait to obtain Mr Popper's penguins!

  5. Like most things, I do believe you "get what you pay for". It might be expensive initially, but you'd likely go through several of the $99 variety over the years. And an Electrolux really does the job.

  6. Shoulda, woulda, coulda. My mom had an Electrolux for years. I'm on my 2nd Kenmore canister -which is not cheap! - and it's *always* something.


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