Friday, February 8, 2008

Quote du jour/Gladys Taber

In a queer sort of way, we New Englanders are proud of winter. We have had many hard winters, some easy ones, some almost arctic ones. But I have never heard anyone complain about the weather. "Quite a storm," the postman may say, "but we have to expect it."
"Pretty cold last night," says the grocer. "Went down to ten below on my thermometer. This time of year we generally have some cold."
Even when it took our neighbor, Joe, four hours to shovel us out after one storm last winter, he only said, "Lot of snow fell this time."
Cars stall, motors freeze, wires go down sometimes. Roads drift deep with powdery snow. Branches crack and crash down. But neighbors get out to help one another and there is a good deal of joshing as to whose thermometer falls to the lowest mark. Winter, I think, is a common denominator, as well as a challenge to Yankee staying power.
Gladys Taber, Stillmeadow Sampler, 1959


  1. I love that attitude! You can't do a single thing about the weather but you can get out there and help one another. How cool that you've not heard a single complaint. That's beautiful. :)

  2. Gosh Nan, you all make me sound like a whiner. I guess I am and I even like winter. Hmmmm

  3. I have just discovered your blog and I really have enjoyed reading your letters. I am going to read all your previous ones. Have just been busy noting your favorite book list! Do you laugh at Jeeves and Bertie Wooster as much as I do?
    Your blog is so warm and interesting, I feel as though I have found a new friend!
    Please write again soon!
    Sincerely Kathleen

  4. Those darling dogs, Ben & Sadie! What a wonderful photo.

  5. I'm certainly a Yankee, then. I hate to see Winter go! (Is there anything worse than the thickness of summer humidity? Ick!!) I do love your photograph, Nan.

  6. Oh, how I love all your Gladys Taber Quotes...she is such perfect w9inter reading!
    Thank you!
    Joanne in very snowy, blowy, wintery Ontario

  7. I believe in embracing all sorts of weather -- complaining about it surely never helps. Neighbor helping neighbor is certainly what rural life is all about.

    (I hope you'll visit my blog and pick up your Peer Award of Excellence, then pass it along to those you feel are deserving. I chose your blog because of the warmth and heartfelt words that flow from your letters. Visiting your blog always feels like "going home". :) )

  8. How lovely that you stopped by Kathleen and Joanne. Kathleen, do you have a blog? I couldn't find one by clicking your name. Thank you both and Nancy for your incredibly nice words. They really mean so much to me. I love to think that my 'letters' are being read and that they mean something to others. It warms my heart when I read such nice thoughts. And Margaret, the dogs thank you. They are quite pleased to be 'dog headers' again. And Bellezza, my winter friend. I'll have to do a Gladys Taber quote sometime about seasonal descriptions of friends. You'll love it.


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