Thursday, February 21, 2008

Mrs Bale reporting on the lunar eclipse

Years ago, the whole family got Tom a telescope for Christmas, and of course, last night he set it up on the terrace to watch the lunar eclipse. He tried a new way of taking moon shots - he put the camera into the eyepiece of the telescope where his eye would normally look. We are pleased with the results.

No telescope, before it all began

No telescope

Using telescope


No telescope, just before totality

Total eclipse, nice shot of black sky :<)

This is Mrs B's second lunar eclipse report. Her first one was in August.


  1. Mrs Bale and I have something in common. I watched the moon last night too.

    The way your husband took the pictures is called digiscoping. Many birders do this becasue they are always carrying around a scope and tripod all the time anyway. This is how I took my pictures too.

    Professional photographers poo poo this practice but hey it works.

  2. Very nice! I saw the moon come up last night--it was hard to miss, throwing silver light through the kitchen window--but by the time the eclipse started it was clouded over.

  3. The moon was glorious last night. I was able to get a few coppery photos before the clouds rolled in...your pictures are great. (My younger daughter has had a fascination with space since she was a little girl and has a beautiful telescope. I hope she was watching last night.)

  4. SO jealous - cloudy here, so couldn't see anything at all, boo hoo


  5. Great photos, Nan! The telescope really makes them clear! ~ Lynda xo

  6. Great photos - thanks for sharing. We saw the entire eclipse here too - bitter cold - but still awesome to see. There is something about a full moon that stirs my soul.


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