Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Mrs Bale Shows Us Moonbeams

10:25 pm Monday

5:03 am Tuesday

5:29 am Tuesday


  1. Mrs. Bale looks so pensive! I was up two or three times last night to see the eclipse, but no luck - cloud cover. Thanks for sharing the moonbeams! I also love the hollyhock !

  2. Ah, the moon does make us pensive, doesn't it? :<)

    I took this photo of Mrs B from my tv.

    Thank you about the hollyhock! It's the first one I've ever been able to grow.

  3. Ohhh these pictures are all from the television! I just saw someone in Australia who posted her own pics, from her back yard. But we weren't so lucky. :-)


  4. Mari-Nancy, only Mrs Bale was from the tv. All the moon pictures were from our yard.


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