Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Further afield/Judi's garden

Last week we visited our friends for a lovely alfresco dinner on their patio. Before we ate, my friend Judi and I walked around her beautiful garden, while I snapped pictures for my blog. :<) Her garden is very different from mine. I'm up on a windswept, open hill and most of my flowers are in full sun. Judi has a garden in a neighborhood, and it is surrounded by trees. Out front she has sun-loving plants, and out back in the shadier area, she grows all sorts of wonderful plants that won't even think about living here, such as these beautiful impatiens, which I have always known as patient Lucys. Don't these colors just take your breath away?!

I love this curly orange daylily. I had never seen it before.

And here is the beebalm. I think I've sung you my song of woe that we are just too cold here for it to grow. And the same with this gorgeous blue hydrangea. We have a hydrangea tree, but we planted the bush variety and it didn't survive even one winter.

She has a couple mystery plants. She was told this one is an hibiscus. What do you think?

And this flower of a delightful little shrubby bush?

I thoroughly enjoyed my garden tour on a warm summer evening.


  1. I love impatiens (which everyone in the Midwest seems to mispronounce as impatients!). So delicate. We have a hydrangea, but it hasn't bloomed for the past couple of years. Need to visit my nursery and find out what to feed it next spring! Our beebalm is finished. I planted a second bunch in the front yard and it did very well. We have pink and red. Thanks for the garden tour, Nan!

  2. There is nothing like the beauty of flowers, and these are just lovely...


  3. Your friend's flowers are so pretty! I think the "delightful shrubby little bush" is a spirea, though I am not sure of the cultivar. Here is a link to one variety, though it seems a bit deeper or "hotter" pink...? http://www.fowlersnursery.com/index.cfm?fuseaction=plants.plantDetail&plant_id=611

  4. Hallo, sorry for just jumping into your blog. I've just seen the pink flower you asked the name for. If it is not a sort of spirea (I cannot see the leaves!) it could be a meadowsweet (filipendula purpurea). There is also a picture on my blog (post Spots of Colour...) where you can see the whole flower bloom. I'll need some more time to read all you have written, so I'll come back again. Greetings from Switzerland. Barbara


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