Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Thursday Time Away

I'm going to start taking Thursdays off from the computer. I'm not even going to turn it on. No looking things up, no emails, no reading of blogs or writing my own, no ordering. A totally disconnected day each week. I'm interested to see how this will feel. I love my computer. I love connecting with people and learning new things. I love reading about books and music. But too often I get "caught." I plan to do one thing that will take five minutes, but end up here an hour later. :<) You all know how that goes. So, I'll see you on Friday.


  1. That is a wonderful idea, Nan. You know, I just might do that myself!

  2. Loved your tribute to your Mom! I am thankful mine (84) has been here for all of those things you mentioned! Well, except that she votes the other way! LOL How did the techno deficit day go?

  3. I think this is a lovely idea. I try to stay away from the computer during the evenings, but I like the idea of a devoting a single day to computer-free activities. Enjoy your Thursdays!

  4. Oh Nan, I hear you loud and clear!

  5. Thanks everyone! The day away went great. I finished my book and I vacuumed the downstairs of the house. :<)

  6. Good for you! I hope this is a great solution for you.

    Wow do I understand how a few minutes, turns into hours, when we log on. And we each have to deal with it, in our own best way.



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