Sunday, August 19, 2007

Quote du jour/Penzeys catalogue

This morning I went over to visit Beverly at Tea Time and Roses, and she had left her readers a note to say that she was going to take a little break from blogging to spend time with her husband to relax and "take in the sights and sounds of summer." Isn't that just wonderful?

Well, it reminded me of a quote I jotted down from a Penzeys catalogue. I read it each year about this time, and find it very meaningful. It is a bit like the Gladys Taber quote on my sidebar.

From the Penzeys Spices catalogue, August 2003:

The other thing I want to say is August is coming. You will have to forgive me here because the rest of this paragraph is going to sound preachy. I am at this weird
incredibly happy but still stressed out point in my life that has me marveling at just how wonderful life is. I am sure this feeling can't last so you won't have to put up with it for long, but here goes: August is coming. My grandparents were all born on farms. They taught me about food and about the seasonal changes that come and go through the year. The highlight of the seasonal year is August, not just for good food but for good living. Maybe it is the heat, or maybe it goes back to days long ago where this was the only time of year where food was plentiful and there was no need to search for shelter, leaving us free from want. Whatever the reason August really is the best time of the year to finally relax, to really relax. We live these beautiful lives where we put all of these imaginary pressures on ourselves to be these things that someone somewhere wants us to be. Just like summer we come and go. So often we are too busy to realize this until September. What would it mean to have this August be the best August of your life? What would it take? This time round don't come to the end of your September wishing you had taken the time to eat more sweet corn. - Just a thought -


  1. Wonderful words of wisdom, Nan. Thanks for sharing. It is advice I am going to keep in mind these last two weeks of August. :)

  2. I love your words - makes me stop and think! I have quit a few things this summer (actually they would have started this fall/winter) do make room for what it is I 'want' in my life - not what someone else things I should want!

  3. Nan, thanks so much for sharing this. Lovely thoughts, and so true, too.


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