Thursday, August 2, 2007

Bowl of daylilies - August 2

One large one today. I love the pink and yellow together, and the 7 am sun and shadows.


  1. I love visiting your blog and am inspired by your beautiful daylilies. When do you plant them and do they like sun or shade?

    All the flowers in your yard are so pretty and I can tell they get lots of love and attention.

    Thanks for such a happy place to visit.

  2. Such a lovely photograph! And I agree that there's something special about the early morning sun.

  3. Nan, placing a flower or two or three in a special bowl each day is a beautiful ritual to begin a day.

  4. Hi Linda! Thanks so much for your nice words. The daylilies like sun. We did plant some last year in a shadier area and they just aren't blooming. They will do just fine with some shade every day but not in full shade all day. I guess the best time to plant would be in the spring, but honestly we've divided and replanted on a hot summer day, and still they thrive! Usually, in that case we cut off the blooms and cut back the leaves. They're just the best flower because they require so little yet give so much. Most of the "attention" we give them is looking at their beauty. Every few years they can use dividing, which in itself is a gift because you get more daylilies for free. :<) And thank you so much for visiting.

    Jill, thank you so much. Today's picture (the 3rd) was taken in full mid-morning sun, and the lilies look so different to me.

    Catherine Mary, that is so true. It is centering somehow. I like to have a bouquet in the house too, but I don't have to change that one each day. Have you read the Anne Morrow Lindbergh quote about this very activity?

    Arranging a bowl of flowers in the morning can give a sense of quiet in a crowded day - like writing a poem or saying a prayer.


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