Monday, August 27, 2007

Quote du jour/Henry Ward Beecher

Where is human nature so weak as in a bookstore?
Henry Ward Beecher

I can say no thank you to ice cream. I wouldn't waste money gambling. I can have one cocktail and know that is enough. I'm even pretty good at not buying plants. But books? How can I resist? Recently, I've bought a few online and a few in the bricks-and-mortar bookstores. And because I love seeing everyone's purchases and bookshelves, I thought you might like to see the titles. My bookshelves are full. I had to place them on a shelf which had been used for something else. So, they have their own special place with my favorite bookends. They are right behind me as I sit at the computer.


  1. I, too, love books, but I am an avid library user. I also belong to our Friends of the Library and we have a used book sale every year to raise money for our libraries - last year we raised just over $20,000 and I increased my own library! I love books being read to me on my MP3 player, but I still like to physically hold a book in my hand!
    I am weak in wool shops, book stores and kitchen shops!

  2. Peg, I'm even more hopeless at the library because they are all free! I never leave without way more books than I can finish in three weeks (or even six, if I renew). I love spending time going through the stacks of older books which I don't see in bookstores unless they are used shops. But I always feel sad that they are "buried" and not many people will find them.

  3. LOL! Nan! I also bring home too many books from the library - and I'm a very slow reader these days! I love browsing other people's book collections too. I have catalogued some of mine (not yet complete), at Library Thing It's a great way to keep track of what you have and of meeting others who share your tastes in literature.

  4. Oooh! I loved the pictures. I'm curious about Scaling Down and My Mother's Garden. I've heard good things about Three Bags Full. Look forward to your reviews. :)

  5. Great selection! I'm looking forward to hearing about The Sunny Side.

  6. I've clicked on library thing, Lesley, and enjoyed what I've read. I tried cataloguing mine once, though not online. I used something called Booxter, but I got tired of doing it. :<) I had to enter the isbn, etc. and it was very time consuming. I mostly know what I have, but I like what you said about meeting other people who own the same books.

    Les, thanks so much. My Mother's Garden is a collection of essays. And Scaling Down looked appealing to me, too. So pleased you've heard good things about Three Bags Full. It is a mystery from the sheep point of view!

    Tara, The Sunny Side is also essays Milne wrote which were published in 1921. I so love old books.

  7. Three Bags Full is great! I'd reread it, but I loaned my copy to my son . . .

  8. I have Multiple Choice, but haven't read it yet. I may have to hunt it up and put it higher in my TBR stack. Isn't it the one about the mother and daughter in college at the same time?

  9. I share your love for books and also your overfull shelves. I have to lay them in on top of others as I have nowhere to put them. I can only order online but think that may be a good thing. If I could drive to a bookshop, I might be in big trouble. LOL! I plan on looking up some of your titles which could be dangerous.

    I may take you up on the challenge and post a photo of my bookshelves, messy as they are, on my blog.

  10. Anita, I'm pleased to hear that about Three Bags Full. Such an interesting idea.

    Kay, yes it is. I love Claire Cook's books.

    Heidi, I love seeing people's shelves.


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