Wednesday, August 15, 2007

What's in bloom/August 15

Today is Garden Bloggers' Bloom Day for August. And though it is a cloudy/rainy day, as July 15th was, I still headed out to take pictures of what is in bloom.

I'm so pleased that there are still many daylilies. You've seen a lot of them in the daily bowl of daylilies, so I won't post all of them here.

Someone gave Tom two geraniums, and I'm going to try and winter them over. I've heard of people doing this successfully, and I've got a room with south facing windows, so I'm hopeful.

Shelley's Bright Light Cosmos are still doing great.

The first tomatoes ripened this week! They are late this year.

The lovely Monkshood is in its glory.

The beautiful, beautiful cornflower.

The hydrangea tree blossoms are so delicate.

This goldenglow out by the barn is bright and cheerful.

Great, great onions!

I love the yellow goldenrod.

The first snow apples! Not too lovely to look at, but will make a great apple crisp today.


  1. Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous! Look at all those onions!

  2. Thanks, Tara. They are the best we've ever had. They are called Super Star and we got plants (not sets) from Johnny's. Huge, sweet, and beautiful. I can't recommend them highly enough, and we'll grow them again next year.

  3. Beautiful blooms even in the rain. I'd love to have some rain to take pictures in. And why am I suddenly craving apples?

    Thanks for participating in Garden Bloggers Bloom Day again.

    Carol at May Dreams Gardens

  4. I'd love to have some rain too, could you please send some to Missouri? Nan, I looked into Blackberry lilies and they are hardy to zone 5. If you are interested, I would be delighted to save some seeds for you or send you a root division. Let me know -- just leave a comment on my blog.

    Your garden is absolutely beautiful, and I am very jealous. all my day liles are DONE.

  5. Beautiful flowers and photos! I love your daylilies - in the garden and in bowls. That apple looked yummy - I can taste the apple crisp!

  6. Fantastic pictures, Nan!!! My favorite of all is the cornflower. I love that blue!! Gosh, you sure have a lot blooming still. I'll be a bit late, but I'll go into the garden tomorrow and snap pics of what's left here in Nebraska. Not much, I'm afraid. :( We did get more rain today, though. Such a treat for August. Usually we're pulling the sprinklers out every other day, but this summer's been nice and wet.

    I have a new apple crisp recipe that a coworker's wife made that was fabulous. I'll make it soon and get it up on my blog so you can try it. :)

  7. What a riot of pretty flowers still in your garden Nan!

    I overwintered some geraniums last year for the first time and it worked! I was tickled pink to say the least. I had seen it being done in The Alsace where they have so many flower boxes full of them so I thought I would try what I saw. I cut them back at the end of the season and left the terracotta pot to sit out placing it in the garden shed if the winter weather got too bad. I thought perhaps it was useless as at first in the early spring they looked very spikey. But lo and behold... I will take a photo of this pot and put in on my blog next week for you to see.


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