Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Bowl of daylilies - August 14

I think of these as my clown lilies because they always make me smile. They are like flowers in a child's drawing with their bold primary colors.

PS The previous posting, "A pause in the day's occupations" was the 500th. Today is the last day I'll be taking names for the drawing. Tomorrow, I'll have Tom pull a name out of one of his many baseball caps.


  1. We actually had a few daylilys that the deer did not eat this summer but alas not as many were left to put into a pretty bowl.

  2. That's so sad. Do you have dogs? I just went to all your blogs and it looks like the most active one is the daffodil one, right? I'll be over to spend more time very soon. Thanks for visiting.

  3. Put my name in ...in honor of Stacey Kent!

    Bonnie Buckingham
    Charlotte, NC

  4. hi, love your daylilys...i never knew there were so many different ones until i started blogging...Toni


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