Saturday, August 18, 2007

Rainy Day

I am over my end of summer melancholy, and looking forward to cooler, darker days. I woke up this morning to a chilly (53º F), rainy day, and Tom and I couldn't wait to get the woodstove started. Just yesterday, he and our son brought wood up to the terrace. This is the first fire we've had in a while, and I so love it. You can see the kitties are all set for the day, but Soot will have to move over so I can sit beside him and read Pardonable Lies.


  1. Ditto here in the south of England, Nan. We've not put the heating on, but it's definitely cooler today and it's raining, again. Hope it improves as our son is planning a barbecue for tomorrow.

    Your woodstove looks so inviting. Enjoy your reading in front of it.

  2. so here I come gentle ladies, from the west of France...your place looks so cosy...think I'll spend the afternoon, put the kettle on I've got some tea and bicuits in my rucksack...
    I'll put your address in my favorites...your photos are very nice, except we can't taste the apple, what a pity...
    ps: may I say something ? I noticed your picture of your blog award is a bit flattened, they are in many blogs when put in the side-bar...
    so post it in a post, edit the htlm,copy it, and then add it in the side-bar by: add an element :"htlm java script"...Ok ?

  3. It's 90 here—no rain for nearly two weeks, and none in sight. I am sooo jealous! (But it's August, so fall *must* be near.)

  4. Cool here too on Canada's West Coast. Did turn on the fireplace, sorry it is not romantic - it is natural gas. Our two cairn terriers thought it was a wonderful treat, as did I.

  5. Hmmm....a fire. We are dredged (using your word) in humidity this week. Tropical Storm Erin has been through and now we are supposedly waiting on Hurricane Dean to decide what path he will take. The temps have not been as high lately but the humidity numbers are way high and so it feel like it is way over 100. However, we have had such a wet summer that we are just now getting our serious summer temps.

    The muffins look wonderful.

  6. Booksplease, it was a great day for reading and baking!

    Mousie/paisible, thanks for stopping by and taking the time to comment. I tried working on the pictures and decided, finally, to just delete them. I'll be visiting your blog soon.

    Oh, Anita, 90º!! I can't imagine. As I write this, at around 11:30 pm, it is 47º.

    Peg, did you get my comment on your blog?? And I think all sources of heat are wonderful. I especially love old radiators and wish I had some.

    Kay, I hope the weather isn't terrible for you. I don't think Mrs Bale could take it, do you? :<) And the muffins are perfect.

  7. Yes Nan, it is great to sit by the fire of a woodstove. We have one too and I just love it. We have not yet used ours this season. I can't wait and did end up wrapping up in my flannel quilt at the cottage over the weekend. You can smell the autumn in the woods. It is a special smell here in Holland and we noticed it so strongly while in the garden at the cottage.

    I love the photo of your cats! Boy do they have the right idea about life. I always say I would come back as my cat Dagi. He is such a character! Yours are very beautiful!

  8. Heidi, I'd love to see your flannel quilt. We had one once we bought at an auction for almost nothing, and we used it till there it was worn away. A friend of ours told us a long time ago that if she came back, she'd like it to be as one of our animals. :<) I thought it was about time the cats were on the blog again. They haven't appeared as often as the dogs.


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