Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Quote du jour/David Frei

We in the dog world think of dog hair as a condiment.
David Frei, one of the commentators at The Westminster Dog Show


  1. I can identify with this quote. It is embarrasing when you serve guests and they see dog hair in the food. Most of our friends are tolerant but there may come a time when it is not acceptable to someone.

  2. We in the homesteading world think of animal manure as compost .hahah I have 7 cats 1 dog 11 goats 5 turkeys 7 chickens and 2 geese.I live with hair and poo....:D

  3. LOL! Good quote, Nan. Just catching up on the blogs I visit - waaay behind. Not sure if you got my short e.mail about The Warden but just wanted to say that I'm ready to start on that today if you are? If not, I *might* just be able to find another book somewhere... if I look hard enough. Heehee...

  4. It was so nice this morning to turn to your blog and see the picture of your beautiful dogs. I expect they do cause a lot of hair about the house.I remember my cousin's wife used to come round everyone with a clothes brush to brush away her dogs hair before they left the house ,just as a matter of course.

  5. Hi Nan!

    Stop by to wish you a beautiful Valentine's Day! Have a lovely day.



  6. I think around here I could say 'rug' as well as 'condiment.' :<)

    Thanks, Beverly.


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