Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Less Book Challenges

You may have noticed on the sidebar that two of the four reading challenges are gone. My eyes were too big for my stomach, and I just had to let something go. I gave up the Canadian Book Challenge and the Young Readers Challenge.


  1. Good for you. Sometimes we are doing something good for ourselves by not doing so much. Last year I read 75 books, this year I am trying to read 60 or less.

  2. It is a wise person, who knows how much they can do.

    Good for you, Wise Person.


  3. Wise, schmise. I want you back.

    Seriously though, if it's become a burden, it's not worth it. Hopefully, you'll consider the 2nd one. It'll start July 1st 2008 and run to July 1st 2009. 13 in 12 months isn't nearly as daunting.

  4. I agree with Clair. It's so easy to go overboard at the beginning of the year. I'm only participating in 3 challenge and won't stress if I don't complete any of them!


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